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Instant relief from the headache of complying with new legislation and managing internal processes.

One of the constant headaches for all accountancy firms has been keeping abreast and complying with new ethical and legal standards.

This ‘constantly changing landscape’ made it virtually impossible to standardise and effectively manage internal procedures and work flow.

It also made it difficult for firms to uphold their responsibility to act in their clients' interest… But that is all about to change!

Join the dots’ – Greg Hayes, Director of Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight

Introducing the CCH Engagement Tax and Accounting Workpapers

The workpapers will quite simply revolutionise the way your firm does business, without you or staff needing to worry whether files and guidance notes are up-to-date.

The workpapers work the way you work now, with documents filed within familiar folders.

Now imagine the speed and ease of working with ‘soft copy’ documents, each hot linked to other relevant documents – no more searching, retrieving or re-filing hard copies!

The CCH Engagement Tax and Accounting Workpapers at a glance

  • Intuitive, flexible and easily customised to seamlessly integrate with your current systems and projects.
  • Provides a tight framework for partners and key decision makers to ensure work is being completed in a systematic way using tailored-made templates and step-by-step processes.
  • Ensures compliance with the latest ethical standards and requirements.
  • Inbuilt tools include calculators and guidance notes which refer back to legislation, checklists and procedures lists.
  • Internal sign-off restricted by designated user-rights.
  • A complete and systematic solution easily implemented and managed.
  • Developed in partnership with Knowledge Shop and built-in smart functionality developed by CCH.

Join the dots’ – Greg Hayes, Director of Knowledge Shop and Hayes Knight

What are some of the other key benefits of the CCH Engagement Tax and Accounting Workpapers?

  • Overall standard of the work is improved as potential problem areas are more easily identified and resolved.
  • Risks are reduced through more effective controls and standardisations.
  • Staff morale improves by having an effective, well-run practice that offers guidance and training for staff to excel in their roles.
  • Peace of mind through reduced risk of litigation or professional indemnity claims, which also keeps your premiums low.
  • New clients are won and existing clients are retained through higher standards, consistency and the resulting enhanced reputation of the firm.
  • Better client service is delivered through a more reliable end-product and better value for money.
  • Profitability improves as less time is spent correcting errors and omissions.
  • Client expectations are realistic as these are agreed formally at the start of a job.
  • Accountability can be demonstrated via a Quality Review Program.

To view a free demonstration of the CCH Engagement Tax and Accounting Workpapers, please call us today on 1300 300 224, or email us at to request further details.

Existing Users:

  • Click here  to download the 2014 update of the Tax and Accounting workpapers. 
  • Click here to download the 2014 update of the Tax and Accounting workpapers (FBT Release).  






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