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Make everyday testing more efficient.

CCH ActiveData lets you automate the process you use to compile all data received from your client, and streamlines the process of sorting through the data to find areas prone to risk. It simplifies everything from sampling to sophisticated fraud detection.

Reduce the time you spend manually organising data by using CCH ActiveData to query, stratify, analyse, merge and more, all within simple excel spreadsheets.

CCH ActiveData has over 70 functions which can be used on their own or in conjunction with other functions to get the results you are after.  

View video demonstrations of CCH ActiveData's functionality: 

Click on the function names below to view videos of some commonly used features:

CCH Active Data Ribbon CCH ActiveData is an Add-In to Microsoft Excel, which is then available in any workbook that you open 
Before we begin to test a population, it can be beneficial to perform this function in order to target the testing to areas of risk
This function can assist in testing controls, as well as for completeness of data, and can be performed in a matter of seconds
Duplicates This function can also assist in testing controls
Calculating Outstanding Receivables With multiple inputs from the client, use the Summarise/Pivot, Merge Sheets. Query by Formula and Add Calculated Columns functions to recalculate outstanding receivables
Ageing The Ageing function can be used to check the client's ageing calculations, or ensure thatprovisions are adequate


Selecting a random sample can now be completed in a few clicks of a mouse. An appropriate same size can be calculated based on the rates established by the user
Strata For a more targeted sample selection, the Strata function can be used

Fraud Detection Techniques


CCH ActiveData has several functions that can assist in detecting fraud. One way this can be done is by matching employee and vendor details, to find where fictitious vendors may have been created. However, as the employee will have tried to avoid detection, we can look for close, rather than exact matches to ensure we detect any potential fraudulent vendor details.

Click here to download a FREE 7 day evaluation version right now and find out yourself why this is a must have tool.

For more information on CCH ActiveData, email, or call 1300 654 913, or contact your CCH Sales Representative.

CCH ActiveData System Requirements

CCH ActiveData version 5 can be used with 32-bit Microsoft Excel 2003 SP1 or better (2003, 2007 or 2010) and with 64-bit installs of Microsoft Excel 2010. It also requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4 or higher to be installed.







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